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As the leading radiator manufacturer Caribbean Radiator Works Ltd supplies wholesale and retail locally and also exports throughout the Caribbean. Whether it is a radiator for a motorcycle or an electrical power generation plant, we can build it. Our radiators are manufactured with the highest quality brass and copper materials and are backed by a 1-year warranty.
Automotive, Bus, and Truck Radiators

These are manufactured in four different designs to meet and exceed customers' needs.


Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, and Industrial Radiators

These are manufactured out of brass and copper using a heavier gauge material to withstand the toughest conditions.

• Tractor
• Backhoe
• Excavator
• Crane
• Generator
• Lighting Tower


Plastic and Aluminium Radiators

We retail, wholesale, and export a wide range of plastic and aluminium radiators.


Oil Coolers

We rebuild a wide range of oil coolers for heavy equipment and for industrial applications.


Heat Exchangers

We rebuild a wide range of precision-engineered Heat Exchangers for both salt water and industrial applications.


Radiator Cores

We manufacture a wide range of precision-engineered Radiator Cores for both automotive and industrial applications. We can design and build any radiator to the customer's specifications.

• Brass and Copper construction
• Multi-range of core designs
• Industrial and heavy-duty applications


Radiator Components

As the leading manufacturer, exporter, and domestic supplier, we sell a complete range of radiator components needed to build, service, or even test a radiator.