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Top Signs That It Is Time for a New Car Radiator
July 28, 2017
Top Signs That It Is Time for a New Car Radiator
July 28, 2017
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Plastic Radiators vs Metal Radiators: Why Should You Replace Them?

Metal cover on an radiator for engine cooling

Radiator design has changed over the years, and recently there’s been a trend towards using radiators made mostly from plastic and aluminum (plastic) instead of brass and copper (metal). While plastic radiators are definitely cheaper to produce than their metal counterparts, they should ultimately be replaced.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Why You Should Replace Your Plastic Radiator

The biggest reason to use a metal radiator instead of a plastic model is the longer lifespan. When a vehicle’s thermostat opens, the coolant that is heated to temperatures up to 200 degrees rushes into the radiator tank. This happens constantly when your vehicle is running, and this exposure to such a high temperature can cause a plastic radiator to crack. Once a plastic radiator is cracked, the tank needs to be replaced. The aluminum core that rests within most plastic radiators is a little more durable, but even that isn’t as durable as the brass and copper radiators that have been widely used for years.

The Advantage of a Plastic Radiator

The only real advantage that plastic radiators have is that they are lighter and cheaper than metal radiators. Price is often a sticking point with people, so it is perfectly understandable if you wish to go with a less expensive option for your vehicle.

A Metal Radiator might be the Better Option

On the other hand, a metal radiator with brass upper and lower tanks and a copper core will last longer. They can be repaired much more easily and affordably, should they be damaged. It does not clog up as fast as the plastic radiator because it has bigger water ports.  Whereas metal dents and bends, plastic cracks. Dents can be pounded or bent back into shape; plastic will need to be replaced.

No matter what kind of radiator you wish to buy and install in your vehicle, Caribbean Radiator Works Limited will be able to help you. We have a complete manufacturing department that can build any kind of radiator.

So contact us when you decide you need to have your vehicle’s radiator replaced.

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